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Truly Madly dating app clone

Truly Madly dating app clone

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Prajwal Goyal
·Jan 3, 2021·

2 min read

Good Morning , hi my name is Prajwal Goyal , recently start a career in full stack Android Developer.

I have not any experience in coding ,it is not a reason if we learn new technology it take some time to understand .If we work hard than it is easy to learn . In masai school Teacher and IA is always help every time.

It give a project at every unit evaluation it is mandatory to all the student the each team has a equal participate, in my team #harsh,#chaitaniya and team name is Gold and project is clone a Truly madly app it is dating app.


It is first time to make a project it make more learn as compare to another think .

I work so hard take a more time to learn new think but learn all thinks .

Truly madly app is a dating app all are work equal divided . when we start the project we think that it is very difficult, but when we work on project it is not a difficult it is a easy . It make more creative as compare to another project , if we work alone we not give more activity . If work with the team it give more opportunity as compare on own project .

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